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World of Alchemy Crossroads
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in world_of_ac's LiveJournal:

Monday, March 1st, 2004
9:39 pm
As a Man in a Office with a Crow and a ton of Manga was looking over something, he noticed sounds of very loud noises from the outside.

He then noticed other loud noises, mostly sounding like many guards dying due to being blown up.

"OUT OF MY WAY, YOU IDIOTS!" A voice growled from outside. Another explosive noise happened. What could it be.

"I SAID OUT OF MY WAY! WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT GET?" He then heard gunfire. He turned his head back to his Manga collection.

"THAT'S IT!" And then he heard something sounding like a crazed washer machine on Pepsi slamming into something.

He then heard a tap on the door. And then an explosion as the door blew apart, flying into a wall. He then saw the apparent source of the voice.

A dude with gloves and a trenchcoat came waltzing in.

"Kitakaze...the insane Ice Alchemist...I presume?" He said.
9:25 pm
Name: Tsukasa Kitakaze
Class: Shamanic Ice Ninja-Alchemist

Age: 14
Birthday: January 6
Address: Central City, 5th Distric, 68 nineth avenue, Military Complex 6, Office 381. Currently under own house arrest in office.
Family: Insane Asylum, beleives they are furniture.
Pets: A raven named Izanami, and Some sort of supernatural thingy no one else beleive exists.

Hair Color: Blue, with a headband keeping most of his bangs above his eyes.
Eye Color: Blue with glossy hate.
Height: 4.5 meters
Weight: 127 KG

Description:If you must know, look at the Kitakazetsukasa Journal's background.
Personality: Not the most pleasant person to be around, Insanity has rendered him Angsty apparently, and his angst is so powerful, if anyone harnested it, one could power earth 4 five millenia......of course, thats a rough estimate.
Strengths: What Strengths?
Weaknesses: Dislikes Existance, Over caculates things, and like Practical jokes that make no sence toa nyone but him.

Major Goal: Transmutates a philosophers stone, and then bring together everyone who wants it, and destroy it.
Skills: Shamanic Powers. Specialist in Ice Alchemy, and the occasional Ninjutsu.
History: You quite simply dont want to know.
Sunday, February 29th, 2004
3:58 pm
One Week Later...

The trains halted, and the people got off. Along with them was a man wearing his trenchcoat. He had figured out who the hell was responsible for those meteors. He had business to deal with...

He pulled a small rock fragment...looked at it, and sighed. The bastard... He then quickly strapped two gloves onto his hands.

Time to make some shit blow up.

He chuckled. "I guess I'll just have to break him out whether he wants to be or not."

And with that, he headed into town, on a cloudy night.

Current Mood: determined
Saturday, February 28th, 2004
5:07 pm
April's Bio
Well, I know this is a lot more detailed than Neo's was... But I just tend to have my standard character description thing like this. And please, if you guys really want me to be involved in the RP, at least reference me once in a while... The last few times I got involved in these things, 'sides for the Sues one, I was completely ignored. -_-;;

Name: April Peppercorn
Series Based From: Harvest Moon (with various little flavorings...)
Class: Farmer's Daughter/Jockey

Age: 15 or so
Birthday: April 17, XXXX
Address: Peppercorn Farm, Cherry Hill Town
Family: Father, Jack Peppercorn; Mother, Ann Green-Peppercorn; older brother, Samuel Peppercorn.
Pets: A horse named Trigger-Happy.

Hair Color: Light Brown. (Hair is a bit past her shoulders, in length, and is kept in a pair of pigtails)
Eye Color: Green.
Height: Five feet, two inches.
Weight: 106 pounds.
Build: Small and slim. May be mistaken for being twelve or thirteen, due to her apperance and tomboy-ish nature.
Description: Relatively short. Freckled skin, from spending a large amount of time in the sun (she doesn't tan but rather freckles) either working in the fields or tending to the animals in the barn, especially her horse. Slightly muscular, from carrying a heavy sickle often, and her hands and arms are calloused. Tends to have a rather smug or goggle-boy-ish expression on her face.

Personality: Considers herself to be the best jockey in Cherry Hill town, perhaps in the whole country-side. Very brash, very impulsive, and yet very laid-back, April has no sense of tact and will say what's on her mind. Prefers animals to most people, but still acts friendly and gregarious to both. Does not care if people consider her short, boy-ish, or anything of the like, as long as they do not insult Trigger-Happy. Likes to say "Ah, yup.", a lot.
Strengths: Enjoys people and animals. Protective of friends. Usually very calm, or at least acts that way. Can wield a sickle and ride a horse at the same time.
Weaknesses: Has no tact and tends to insult people without realizing it. Does not act her age or her gender, at all. Does not realized when people are being sarcastic or such. Is not very good at defensive roles in fights.
Major Goal: Find a way to send all those weird monsters that just started appearing at Cherry Hill away. Or kill them, even.

-Horseback Riding
-Can ride horses Bare-backed
-Handles a Sickle very well
-Can also handle various other farm tools as weapons (hammer, ax, scythe and watering-can)
-Knowledge about various types of plants and animals

History: April was named after the month she was born in. She is the youngest child of the hero in Harvest Moon (Jack) and the daughter of the Ranch Owner (Ann). April was raised similar to her brother, and was taught how to horse-ride by age six. By age eleven, she was riding her horse, Trigger-Happy, in Amateur races. As a young girl, Jack taught her about the Goddess in the Spring in the back of the woods, and she would visit every day, tossing a fresh piece of produce into the tiny pond every day, in reverence. She has lived a very provincial life, up until now.

Recently, at the small Farming and fishing community of Cherry Hill, there has been some odd monsters appearing. Creatures that no one has ever seen before, at that: giant jelly-fish appearing at the port. Dog-like beasts with lion heads and eagle wings on their backs popping up close to the top of the mountain and prevent anyone from even getting close. And tall, deformed women (Could they even be called women, these creatures?) with green, slime-covered skin and pointy little fangs appearing in the river across from the Goddess's Spring, preventing anyone from crossing over.

The people of the town are desperately trying to fight back, but nothing they have attempted has worked, at this point. As an additional slap in the face, most of the beats are not very tasty, once killed and cooked. (The giant Chickens that popped up on the vineyard are an exception.) Now, April is going on a mission to see what she can do to save the little community. Armed with only two sickles, and with only Trigger-Happy to keep her company, April is traveling for an item, a type of magic, or just about anything to scare away the funny creatures and save her home town. Pretty standard RPG hero, huh?

Current Mood: accomplished
12:35 pm
The Full Weapon Alchemist
Name: Neo Arkadia

Class: Full Weapon Alchemist

Anime Base: Fullmetal Alchemist

Desc: Black hair, brown eyes, a cold stubborn face. Left and Right arms and shoulders completely made of Automail. Wears a Red Trenchcoat, a Grey sleeveless shirt, grey pants, and black boots. Carries a National Alchemist Watch.

Powers: Alchemy(Mastery in Ice, Fire, and Metal), Swordsplay, Firearms, Speed, High Intellect

History: A former Military Officer, he lost his military position after a freak accident destroying the use of both of his arms. He later got them replaced with Automail from the Rockbell family. He then became a National Alchemist, and now is a wanderer looking for something...something he lost.
Thursday, February 26th, 2004
8:58 pm
The End of the Beginning...
Character: The Full Weapon Alchemist...(Orignal Character), Based off of Full Metal Alchemist universe. Male, About Teens to Early Adult.

Run, run, run...

I had seen a massive meteorite storm last night. They remains had crashed outside of Desert City's borders. I had to see what had fallen there. I had to...

What could of landed there? I wonder...

A monster? Rare Metals? What... They say what comes from the stars allow you to see beyond the veil. Beyond the world itself...

I ran with my trenchcoat covering me..., protecting my secert.

I would see what had fallen from the realm of the gods...and possibly learn secerts mortal men almost never knew...
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